1. We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

  2. Teens facing war, violence, and a deadly disease learn to overcome obstacles and connect globally at the World Cup. http://thndr.it/1eo2eCK

  3. Campo Santo at #burningman #2013 #playa #vintagefutbol #original

  4. Protest across Brazil continue on during the Confederations Cup. People came together to protest about the government on a broad array of issues, including political corruption, the high cost of living and the billions of dollars being devoted to building stadiums for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in a country where poverty is pervasive and public education is often in shambles.

    Passion fuels life, vintage stays classic, futbol is Forever.

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    Nowhere - Miss Lily

  6. For any further questions please direct them to founder Khoi B Phan — info@vintage-futbol.com

    Stay Vintage my friends #vintagefutbol

  7. A day for the history books… Same Sex Marriage and USA beating Mexico in Mexico. Let’s make this one count. Go Team USA

  8. Picked up a new pair of Nike Tiempo All Conditions Control #nikesoccer. Ill have a review of these in a few weeks.

  9. Two year update:

    Greetings Vintage Futbol fans, friends, and fanatics of Futbol. I started Vintage Futbol back in 2011 with the idea to create a brand who believed in one thing: The Power of Futbol.

    As I sit here in my Bushwick apartment, I have gained a tremendous appreciation to you – the fans, the dreamers, and believers. I have learned that we are more than just soccer players or advocates of the sport. We are CREATORS, creators of our own destiny. People talk about how Futbol will never become the biggest sport in America; while the rest of the world laughs at our ignorance.

    This coming year I promise to get back on the grind, and keep Vintage Futbol going… Vintage Futbol represents the VOICE for all the people who love Futbol no matter of their social status, financial situation, ethnicity, and skill level. A change is upon our culture, never stop believing.

    Sincerely, Founder Khoi B Phan

    Share with a friend, or simply believe in what is ours, Futbol.

  10. Footy in the snow with Matt Glueckert and the Bowery Football Club #soccer #snow #vintagemoment #lovefutbol